Sunday, March 27, 2005

Let's Garden Together!

I have had a Master Gardening site for the past 12 years or so. I answered questions for perplexed gardeners at that site. It was a totally volunteer endeavor, but now I've retired from Master Gardening. My knowledge, however, has not retired, so I've decided to continue as the "Maturing" gardener, instead of the "Master" gardener!
I will continue to answer gardening questions right here. Email me!What I'll do is post the questions, with their answers, which should help other gardeners. In the past, I have found that because the seasons are the same, most people seem to have the same questions at the same time. Daffodils appear at the same time; weeds appear at the same time; insects make their appearance everywhere and droughts become a problem for everyone at the same time, etc., I'm sure you get the idea!
Since I'm no longer functioning as a "volunteer", I hope that on occasion folks might help me financially support my internet connection, reference materials, and time. But that will be a totally voluntary thing. If you feel my help was worth a little something to you, you might consider making a small donation.


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