Saturday, June 28, 2008


As I walk around the garden with Ayla (our visiting dog) I am amazed by how much the garden is giving back to me. I'm struggling, as you know, with the fact that my body doesn't want to do all the things I used to do so easily. I guess it's called AGE.
Anyway, the perennials that I have planted over the years are blooming happily. Wildflowers like daisy's and foxglove are popping up all over the place. If they get intrusive, I just yank them. But, they look pretty in most spots, so I leave them and the whole place looks rather like a cottage garden!
I usually carry some pruners to "dead-head" when needed. That also allows me to do a little light pruning where necessary.
This year, for the first time, my climbing hydrangea is blooming! I planted one at the base of a tree, since they are supposed to like climbing trees, probably 15 years ago. It has NEVER bloomed. I took a piece of it and planted it by a huge tree stump. The stump is now covered with beautiful dark, shiny-leaved climbing hydrangea. This year THAT is in the process of blooming. How lovely! The one on the tree still doesn bloom!
I have also planted a red osier dogwood behind the house many years ago. This year that is also blooming...or at least at the moment, it's in bud. I'm anxious to see how it looks in a week or two.
Overall, I'm happy with my "neglected" garden. It's looking a bit scraggly, but nice. It's "comfortable" if a garden could be labeled that.
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Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm still occupied way too much inside. I'm getting old and creaky and my garden is suffering. Is anyone else out there feeling like that?
I've spent quite a few years getting the garden to take care of itself. Mostly perennials that flower on a "rotational" basis; heavy mulching; plants suited to their environment; you name it, I've tried it. However, no garden can take care of itself entirely. It will revert back to nature and the original "Garden of Eden" template. What that means is weeds. I've got 'em.
So, when my schedule allows and my body is willing, I will go out into the garden and do some weeding. I will have some compost with me to sprinkle around every plant I pass. I will pull out everything in my path that doesn't belong, and then I will drag my sorry body back into the house to lick my wounds and start again. It sounds terrible.
However, consider that the garden still flowers prolifically all by itself, even with the weeds. I am still proud every time I pass it. I'm so grateful to my mother for introducing me to this wonderful hobby. Actually, it's not a hobby but rather a way of life.
Those of you who are just starting out in gardening, let me tell you that it is addictive. It is SO satisfying to expend that energy, stand back and be able to admire the work that you have done. It will continue to reward you throughout your life. It will make you glow with pride when someone compliments you on it's appearance. It's the source of one of life's greatest 'highs'.
I have had so many wonderful, gardening years. I loved EVERY minute. Now, I'm just getting tired. I wish my body was a bit more resilient, but it's not. Now I will enjoy writing about gardening and answering your questions. I will thank my husband as he bends and kneels, weeding and helping me in any way he can. A garden is hard when the body begins to break down. So, enjoy working there when you can and realize that the day will come when it needs to take care of itself as much as possible. Plant and plan accordingly.

Monday, June 09, 2008


My husband and I are about to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Our children are throwing us a party in July. They are also asking for photographs from us. This is taking an inordinate amount of computer when I'm done with that, I just want to FORGET about the computer.
And then the house is on the market, so it's having to be kept reasonably presentable.
Just as our time is taken up inside and I am having trouble keeping up with the blog, the house and the party...the garden is suffering as well.
The heat has been horrible the last few days and the water coming from the sky is not too I've been doing a little soaking of peonies and other assorted things that need it, like whiskey boxes and hanging planters. They are VERY thirsty.
If you find yourself in a similar situation, remember to SOAK your plants. Don't sprinkle if at all possible.
My elbow is sore, so I'm stopping here. Check out the house!