Sunday, January 01, 2012



Start looking for those wonderful gardening catalogues!

Start a gardening journal. You can use a notebook, a calendar or even a real gardening journal you buy at the book store!

This is a good time to check old seeds for viability. While you're there, paste a label on the envelope indicating when they should be planted, and whether they need soaking first. Then sort them according to that timetable!

Your indoor plants get pretty dry at this time of year. Try misting them. (Don't mist African Violets, however!) All plants should be watered sparingly during the winter. Standing them in a tray of wet gravel is a wonderful treat for any indoor plants in the winter.
Turn indoor plants every week or so in order to keep their growth even.

Check those indoor plants for insects and give them a soapy bath if you find any!

Remove any heavy snow from evergreens. Be careful! If it is icy, wait until it melts.

Try stamping a circle around the trunks of fruit trees that might be vulnerable to rodent damage.

Put your Christmas tree outside to provide shelter for the birds.
You can also smear the branches with peanut butter mixed with corn meal.
The birds will love it!

Another use for that tree would be to cut some boughs off and lay them on top of your flower beds to add extra protection.

Keep those bird feeders full.