Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Well, it is finally arriving. I guess we couldn't put it off any longer. Winter! At least the kids didn't have to ski around the neighborhood for their Halloween Trick or Treats! I guess that's a good thing! At any rate, welcome to the next season and "good night garden"! We all need time to recoup and regenerate, even the garden. In the tropics, this doesn't happen and plants grow until they finally die of exhaustion, I guess. I know I would.
Catch up on the things you've forgotten to do out there. As soon as you have a relatively temperate day, spray that anti-desiccant; cover the shrubs with burlap, or lathe; fertilize the area where you have your bulbs; yank out the annuals-or cut them off at ground level leaving the roots to decompose; turn the compost one last time; start feeding the birds; dig a hole for your live Christmas tree and fill it with hay or something making it easy to remove so you can put that tree right into the ground before it dries out.
All of that sounds familiar...like the November Chores in my last posting. Maybe you should just re-read that for a few more suggestions.
I have been enjoying the birds coming to the feeders. I have feeders strung on a wire extended between the garage and the house. It's up high enough that the bears can't get to it. Today the birds seem extra ravenous. Maybe it's just the weather. I find that when the weather is supposed to be bad...they seem to know and come to fill their tummies.
Bundle up and get a fire going in the fireplace. Got a good book to read? I do!


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