Saturday, April 25, 2009


This morning I read a quote from Michelle Obama that said, "...Mrs. Obama now typically describes the job of first lady as the best in the White House, saying that even her husband is often jealous of what she gets to do. “I don’t have to deal with the hard problems every day,” she told a group of schoolchildren this week. “I get to do the fun stuff.”
Yes, the garden is "fun stuff". It's fun stuff for those of us that garden every day, dream of it at night, and visualize it all winter! But now it's time to get out and put our hands in the soil and GARDEN!
It is refreshing to read about a First Lady who gardens for the right reasons. She wants her children to learn about good food and how it is generated, not just what appears on the table miraculously at dinner time. When children are involved in the actual production of food they are far more ready to try eating it. There is nothing that tastes quite like fresh out of the garden produce! More power to her! AND her lucky children. Now hopefully she won't have trouble with the dog digging up the nice soft earth! Somehow, I have the feeling that that won't happen at the White House, what do YOU think? :-)


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