Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I'm ready! Are you?
The big question is, are our gardens are ready? As the saying goes "ready or not, here it comes".
What goes on under all that snow and frost? Are all the little critters hunkering down for a long winters nap? Nope, they're planning how to get food to sustain them through the winter. They are eyeing your shrubs and tender, little trees. The bark is SOOOO inviting. Yum! If you haven't put some protection around the lower trunks, they will burrow right up to that yummy green bark and proceed to chew away!
Hopefully, you thought about that back in the fall. I'll have to check my "chores" list and add that if it's not there. It's important. You can lose a lot of good trees, vines, and shrubs that way.


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