Sunday, April 24, 2005

Has Spring Really Arrived in New Hampshire???

I really think it HAS happened while I wasn't looking! There in my rock garden are a few Galantus showing their white heads! Nothing else is blooming, but I'm watching for sure!
The daffodils are finally pushing some leaves up through the soil and spearing any leaf in their way. That offers hope for a splash of yellow and white soon.
I've started transferring compost from the bin to a holding "pen" so I can begin anew. I have three compost bins side by side. The actual compost bin where things are actively working; the unfinished bin from which I take "stuff" to put on top of any new additions to the active bin (this is what is left over from last year that has not fully decomposed yet); and then the finished compost that goes right into the garden. I LOVE this process. I love to see all our kitchen and garden discards going right back to the soil in such a wonderful, rich form.
Anyway, at this time of year once the frost is OUT of the compost I transfer everything to either the "not fully decomposed" bin or to the "fully decomposed" bin. Then I start over again from scratch in the active compost bin.
Any gardening questions for me?


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