Monday, April 04, 2005

Now we've got flooding!

The heaven's opened up and the rains came forth!
Yesterday when I awakened, I could hear a "rushing" sound. I knew it was one of two things. Either the heat was on and I was hearing the air rushing through the vents, OR it was the little brook next to our house. It was the brook! The brook is about 50 yards or so away, and down a considerable hill, however, my Wildflower meadow and my perennial bed are both between the brook and our house. When I looked outside, I couldn't believe my eyes!
The brook had flooded the entire perennial bed and half of the meadow! The snow that had been piled up by the snowplows, by the side of the road, was essentially forming a dam holding the water in. By time I got dressed and outside with my camera, a small breech had formed in the snow bank and water was RUSHING over to the road and flooding that. It made for an exciting day. I won't be gardening any time soon!
This morning the town road crew was out by my garden doing a LOT of repair work to the road. I wonder if ANY of my mulch remains? I'm not worried about the perennials. Although the road washed out, I think the garden remains intact. It's all covered with a black soot-like substance. I'm hoping that's a good thing, but right now it just looks dirty.
Since the snow is (almost) gone, I've started collecting compost again. I don't do that in the winter because there is too much snow between me and the compost bin. I'm getting too creaky to shovel all that. I must admit, that I love to compost, so I'm happy to be involved with that again.
If you have any questions about either composting or any other gardening question,Email me! me here!


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