Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Last night I went to a New Hampshire Master Gardener's meeting. The program was very good. There was a talk, with slides on "Landscape Plants with Winter Interest" given by the Horticulturist at Plymouth State University, Steve Sweedler. He has some photo's on line if you'd like to see them.
Some of the specimens that really caught my eye were: Aronia arbutifolia "Brillianitissima or "Brilliant Red Chokeberry". It has bright red foliage in the fall that easily competes with Burning Bush. It is nice to have an alternative to Burning Bush which is considered invasive...at least here in NH.
There was a photo of "Sorbus alnifolia" or "Korean Mountain Ash" blessed with pinkish, coral colored fruit which hangs on for quite awhile into the colder months.
Another beautiful, unbrella shaped tree was the "Malus Louisa" or "Louisa Weeping Crabapple". It was just very pretty.
There were lot's of others as well, I just won't mention them all here.
Then we looked at the plans which the Grafton County Master Gardeners have pulled together for a Beautification Project at the Grafton County Complex here in New Hampshire. They sure have done a lot of work. Their charge was to design a landscape plan for the use and enjoyment of the employees of the complex, as well as the folks who live at the Nursing Home there.
Some of the garden projects they have laid out are for: a White Birch Garden; a Memorial Garden; Sensory Gardens; Raised beds by the Roadside; as well as expanding and improving the existing Lilac bed.
Once this is implemented, it should be both beautiful, and a real addition to the Grafton County Complex and the community of Haverhill in which it lies.


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