Monday, May 08, 2006


Let's talk a little about Companion Planting. It's something gardeners have been doing for generations, maybe even eons, for ALL kinds of reasons.
The one we hear a lot about is companion planting that helps keep some insects at bay. Another is one that will add nutrients to the soil helping us fertilize organically. Other’s allow our plants height that they can creep and crawl their way UP! Other’s provide shade to the roots of plants that find the heat crushing. These reasons go on and on.
It is important for us as gardeners to understand what this is about and to include these ideas in EVERY garden we work on. Whether it’s a perennial bed, a rock garden or our vegetable garden. It is just plain GOOD stewardship of the land. Something we should take very seriously.
In this day and age, we need to TRY to cut down on chemicals we use in the garden. We also need to think “sustainability”. Don’t let’s buy any more “gizmos” than we actually need. It just becomes another thing to find it’s way into the town dump!
I’ve found a wonderful site that explains EVERYTHING about COMPANION PLANTING. It explains the why, how and what of more things than you can even conjure up in your brain. Visit it!


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