Thursday, August 10, 2006


The baby is wonderful and we're exhausted! I wish we lived close enough to go and help out a few times a week until life returns to normal for them, but that's just not to be!
The Air Show was huge, as usual. My husband was honored with a Leadership Award for flying Young Eagles. I was very proud! It was also fun seeing Harrison Ford up close!!!
The only gardening I got to do while gone was to help my son's little 4 year old step-daughter plant some ground cover (Stonecrop). She helped plant, pack in the soil, recover with mulch, and then WATER this little plant! Her job this week (or until it is established) is to water it at least once a day. Virginia is pretty hot this time of year so that's pretty critical. She's excited about doing that. I'll have to check with her mom to be sure she's fulfilling her end of the bargain.
Teaching kids to garden is important. Someday, much to your amazement they will tell their friends how you were the one who got them started with gardening. What a wonderful thing! It is a lifetime pleasure. Help them launch that opportunity!


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