Thursday, August 24, 2006


My life has been hectic with summer visitors.
Since we will be moving in a few years, I have been offering to share plants with friends and family. At some point, sooner or later, someone will ask YOU if you'd like to have some plants.
Here are some words of advice so you will be asked back again for plant sharing.
ASK where they'd like to have you take the plants. Then when you locate the clump you'll be working on...ASK again what section of the plant they'd like you to remove.
Once you start to dig, be careful NOT to harm the plant you leave any more than is absolutely necessary. As you remove the section you're taking, shake the dirt into the hole where you took the plant. There's no reason for you to take the have your own!
You shouldn't leave any holes, a golfer would call them divots, and a polite golfer always replaces them. Those holes are unsightly, and could be dangerous for a passing gardener. No need for twisted ankles!
Be sure the roots that you've exposed are COVERED! You don't want to harm the plant material you leave behind. This is another reason it's important to shake out that soil.
Always leave the garden in such a way that no one would know a piece has been taken. It may require a bit more time and care, but you'll be invited back to help when those plants need to be divided again. If you are clumsy and selfish, no one will want you back working in THEIR garden!
In order to know which to divide, and which to leave alone, here is a web site that explains that more thoroughly. Check it out!


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