Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Planting bulbs allows the most wonderful dreaming a gardener has all year. The great thing about it is that come spring, your dreams will come true!
When you order your bulbs, you will find there are different prices and sizes. If you're buying tulips, which tend to last just one year, I'd buy the bigger, showier ones. If you're buying daffodil and narcissus, which multiply and continue to prosper as the years go by, I'd aim for the cheaper ones and get more of them. If you're buying the smaller ones, like crocus and snowdrops, size isn't an issue.
When planting them, tulips tend to look best in formal beds, where daffodils are wonderful when allowed to "naturalize". You can do that by tossing them over your shoulder and planting them where they land! How fun is that?
Try to avoid planting bulbs right under trees as the tree roots will interfere with the planting to say nothing about competing with the bulb for water and nutrients...guess who wins in THAT battle!? They do look great in FRONT of trees and shrubs which create a wonderful backdrop for them.
When planting bulbs, the general rule is to plant them three times as deep as the largest dimension of the bulb, with the pointy end up. If you really can't figure out which end is the pointy one, try laying them on their side...that will work. Also, toss and work in a bit of bulb fertilizer. The bulbs won't be dug up for awhile, so it will behoove you to give them a good start.
Enough for now on bulbs.


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