Thursday, November 08, 2007


"Hi" all of you that are visiting from the "Birds and Blooms" magazine. I was invited to put my blog on the Birds & Blooms page at the beginning of the autumn, which I did right up until now. I hope I have generated some readers from that site. I also hope you'll feel free to bookmark and visit this page often.
During the winter I tend not to write too frequently. When I do it is often about the birds that visit my feeders. Occasionally, I DO have something to tell you about your garden. Things like winter pruning and the occasional reminder to spray your broadleaved evergreens with anti-desiccant. I will always put the Garden Chores for the month as close to the first day of that month as possible. As you can imagine, the winter reminders are not quite as labor intensive as the summer ones!
At any rate, WELCOME!


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