Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Oh, my! I woke up this morning and the roof over the deck was white again, a sure sign of a hard frost. Will spring never come to the North Country? We garden from Memorial Dy to Labor Day. Why is it that even after close to a life-time in New England, I can't seem to fathom that fact? It's disgusting! :-( But what we have is nice...so you didn't hear me complain!
Now for the Annuals. This morning when I logged on to my computer, I found an email from the White Flower Farm. Buried in that letter is a list of Annuals from A-Z. I don't know if you've ever seen their catalogs or not, but they are wonderful. This particular list is like a catalog of annuals. It is a pretty thorough list, and although it also has prices, etc. it is a wonderful compendium of annuals. You can double click on any of them and get a big picture and good explanation of them. Try going to the site. By the way, I am getting nothing from White Flower Farm. I'm just so impressed with their catalog, I thought it deserved being shared!


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