Thursday, August 05, 2010


Well, this was different! I read about this technique on-line somewhere. I can't even remember where! (Sorry...)
Anyway, what you do is get 5 buckets. Line them up... numbered 1 through 5, in your minds eye anyway. Punch a few holes in the bottom of each bucket to allow water to drain.
When you have something to compost, throw it into bucket #1. Throw a little of #5 in there if there is any, just to cover anything that might attract critters. If #5 is empty, try a bit of #4.
The next time you have compost go to the bins. Toss #4 into #5; toss #3 into #4; toss #2 into #3; toss #1 into #2. Then there is an empty bucket ready to start the process over. Be sure when you do this to toss the compost, bucket to bucket, in order to mix it well. If some of the buckets are almost empty, wait for the next "dumping" to pass them on to the next bucket.
The idea is that by time "stuff" gets to bucket #5, it should be compost. Hmmm...
It sounds a bit simplistic. I'm not going to have 5 buckets standing in my yard. But, if you have a hidden space and abhor turning your compost, perhaps this is a way to do it.
Let me know what you think. Whether you try it or NOT! :-)


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