Sunday, May 01, 2005

Invasive Plants in Our Midst

Yesterday I went to a workshop featuring control of Invasive Plants on large parcels of land. It was offered by the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge.

Now, I know Invasives are a big problem, but this workshop actually helped us learn how to make a plan to attack the most logical one first. Isn't it too bad that there are so many that we have to pick and choose which one to attack first?

Do YOU have Invasive Plant species on your little plot? If you are unsure of what they are, or how they look, go to the Invasive Plant Atlas of New England and check them out. You will probably be amazed to see what's included!

Here are some definitions we need to know in order to understand invasives.

  • Native Plant – a species that reached its location without assistance from humans.
  • Exotic species – a non-native plant or animal introduced into a new location by human activity, either intentionally or by accident.
  • Invasive species – a non-native species that is capable of moving aggressively into a habitat and monopolizing resources such as light, nutrients, water, and space to the detriment of other species.

Maybe you have some comments to be made about Invasives and how you control them...or DON'T control them! Why don't you let us know here and help us with our endeavors?

If you're unsure about how to do that, just click on the place where it says "comment" and you're in business! It also shows you what other people have said about this same topic.


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