Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I haven't seen any of my bulbs appearing as yet, but I have utmost faith that the snow will stop and my wonderful, spring bulbs will begin to poke their welcome leaves up through the soil! I CAN'T WAIT!
It's good to be prepared for this eventuality. Go get yourself some markers. Be they metal, popsicle sticks or whatever, it doesn't matter. When your bulbs begin to flower, take a marker and make a note of the color and the name of whatever it is and poke that into the soil right next to them. As the season progresses and the leaves of those little guys die back, get lost in the perennials and annuals you have planted around them, or whatever befalls them, you'll know where they are. In fact, I know some folks who put markers in where they want to plant more. Whatever works for! Remember, it's YOUR garden!
When fall comes, and it's time to plant more bulbs, you won't forget where you already have them. You'll know what colors you can mix and match. You'll know NOT to plant more daffodils right where you already have a ton of them planted. Instead find another spot where they will make a welcome addition to your garden.
OR, if you had a very prolific bunch, you can dig them up and seperate them without having to dig up an acre and a half looking for them!


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