Saturday, March 18, 2006

To Boston for the Flower Show!

We hopped on the bus and rode a few hours to Boston from northern New Hampshire. We arrived before 11 AM and were to leave at 3 PM. This was plenty of time to see all we needed and also attend a few workshops.
We started by briefly checking out the vendors, but decided that this was not the spot for us. So, off we went to one of the "workshops". It was about "Starting a Garden Journal". When she began to teach us how to draw, I decided this was not the place for me and off I went to see the Flower Arrangments. I felt a lot more comfortable there.
As a kid, my mother exhibited table arrangements at the New York Flower Show. She was good and won a few times in her table setting classes. I never really thought it was a big deal until I grew up and realized just what it was that she had accomplished!
Anyway, I enjoyed them and couldn't help but think how much my mother would have loved to share this with me.
After this lovely experience, I returned to meet my friend where we listened to Molly Dugger Brennan from Brennan's Orchids give a very interesting and informative talk about how EASY orchid care is. I knew this, having cared for a few orchids in my time. However, that was where I had the proper light. Up here in Northern New Hampshire, living in the woods, I've not had nearly the luck I used to. How sad! BUT, she got me thinking that I should give it another try.
Ater that we took another cruise around the vending area. While there we found the New England "Wild Flower Society" booth.
From there it was back to the lecture spot to hear David Cannistraro from the New England Rose Society. He gave us lots of good, common-sense advise on roses.
Then it was up on our feet for a rush to catch the bus to go back home. It was a good day, and I got my fill of flowers for at least a day! Now if only one of mine would emerge from the soil!!!


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