Saturday, May 20, 2006


We've had about enough rain, don't you think?
It's been such an ongoing deluge that the garden must be about ready for some sun and games!
There's still some wonderful compost sitting there, at the bin, ready to be distributed around to various plants in the garden. I always put a few shovelfuls around my shrubs and perennials just to give them a boost in the spring. The ones that got their little fix before the rains are probably very happy right now. The other's look on with envy! Oh, well. A few more days, and perhaps I can get back out there.
My only issue now will be that the black-flies and mosquitoes will probably be RAVENOUS!


At May 20, 2006, Anonymous Gabrielle said...

No, no! More rain more better! Makes things here green and grow.


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