Wednesday, August 30, 2006


We actually lit the fire in the fireplace the day before yesterday! It was so cool in the house, that my finger was itching to turn up the thermostat. BUT, now is not the time for that. It's a perfect occasion to crank open the flue, throw in some logs, and enjoy a pleasant fire in the fireplace, which is exactly what we did. Of course, now I've got the usual ashes to deal with.
I never throw ashes directly into the garden. I always put them in the compost bin. That way, they add lots of carbon to the pile, get mixed in with good compost and don't overburden the garden soil with potassium , or possibly raise the soil pH.
If you check out this web-site on use of wood ashes in the garden, you'll see that my solution may be a bit better than broadcasting ashes around the yard.
So, enjoy the fireplace, and put the ashes into the compost bin. That also makes disposing of the ashes in the winter easier. No need to throw them out in the garbage, just head for the compost!


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