Sunday, November 12, 2006


I think I missed all the apples somewhere!
Yesterday I went to our local orchard. The sales room was closed and there were NO bags of apples there. No cider either!
The orchardist was in the back moving stuff around, and since we're friends, I just went back and asked about apples. All that were left were Mac's. Hmmm... Macintosh apples are not my favorite. My favorites are Macoun apples. But I got a bag of Mac's, asked about the missing cider, and got a gallon of that from the back as well.
I went home feeling like I had missed a whole season here. Usually we get a few bags of Macouns before the season is done. This year we'd been out of town for awhile and then pretty busy, hence the lack of Apple Season! I hope you didn't have a similar experience.
Fortunately the orchard will be open the weekend before Thanksgiving so I can stock up on cider and some more Mac's for the grandchildren.


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