Sunday, December 10, 2006


Did you get a nice heavy coating of snow this week? We did!
When you are out shoveling, or sweeping, blowing or whatever you do with new snow, remember to give your broadleaf evergreen shrubs a bit of attention. That snow looks very pretty, but it is very hard on the shrubs. If it's a light dusting, there's no problem, but when we get a heavy snow that piles up on those leaves, it's a disaster waiting to happen. You'll notice that the branches are weighed down, drooping almost to the ground. Imagine if that were your arms having to hold onto that heavy stuff!
The next thing that happens is a thaw (usually). The snow begins to melt. Then evening comes and the temperature drops causing that wet snow to freeze. The problem is exacerbated. Now it's heavier, impossible to remove and branches begin to break at the slightest disturbance!
So, when you first go out to deal with the new snow, turn that shovel around and with it's handle, gently push the snow off the leaves. By using the handle, you avoid damaging the branches with the large blade of the shovel. Do this with all your broad leaved evergreens, or at least as many as you are concerned about. Sometimes, I realize they are too big, or not easily accessed. Use your judgement.
If you have gotten to the frozen snow stage, leave them alone until they have cleared themselves. If you attempt to remove ice from the branches, they will probably break, which would be terrible!


At December 24, 2006, Blogger Alice said...

A-M - I wish for you and your family a very happy and relaxed Christmas and New Year.



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