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We are using up open land. Every time we build a house, garage, mall, even tool shed, we're using up land that used to accept rainwater. It accepted it and then let it run below the surface where it would be filtered and sent into the cracks and aquifers that would ultimately yield water for us to use again.
There are so many of us these days. And we're multiplying. Not only that, but we are building our houses bigger and putting them closer together while at the same time, not allowing for green space. Then we complain that water costs more than gasoline, which is rather "dear" these days! So what can we, as gardeners do anyway?
Well, have you ever heard of a Rain Garden? A Rain Garden is a garden placed in such a way as to accept run-off from roofs and driveways. They usually are planted in a depression lower than the surrounding area, maybe 6 inches or so lower. Essentially it's planted in a gentle ditch! Since it's in a depression, the water flows there, stays and gradually is absorbed into the soil while hydrating the plants found there.
The soil below this little garden filters the contaminants and pollutants helping it to run clean into nearby wetlands, brooks and ponds. It will also help your yard fend off little, local floods!
All you need to do is dig that depression where the run-off occurs and begin to plant in it. There is a wonderful link available from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Click on this link and get educated about Rain Gardens!
These can also be used on a larger scale around communities, shopping centers, and malls. It just takes some forward thinking "do-ers" to get involved and push the project.



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Thanks for the link in the post I think I'm going to add it to my link list. It's very informative.


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