Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Xeriscape-Create Limited Turf Areas

I know this sounds a bit "odd" but some people just really do need turf areas in their landscape. It doesn't appeal or even look good to have it ALL in flowers, shrubs and trees!
When planting new turf, or reseeding existing lawns, get water-saving species adapted to your area.
The idea is to reduce the size of turf areas as much as possible, while retaining some turf for open space, functionality and visual appeal. Then pick the grass seed carefully for your area to find the grass that will live best on as little water as possible. Call your state Extension Office to find out which grass will be best for your location.
Why should you want to get rid of turf in a Xeriscape? As you know from your reading, the whole idea behind xeriscaping is to cut back on water usage. Either because you don't HAVE any water to spare, or because you'd like to be "water wise". If you have turf growing around your home, you know it requires a LOT of water in order to stay attractive. So, pay attention to these recommendations.


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