Friday, March 14, 2008


• Xeriscaping refers to conservation of water through creative landscaping. It reduces watering and maximizes the use of natural precipitation. Right now over 50% of residential water used is applied to landscapes and lawns. Using Xeriscaping can reduce landscape water use by 50-75%. That is a BIG number!
• The word comes from a combination of two other words. "xeri" from Greek word"xeros" meaning dry, and "scape" meaning a view or scene. Even though literally meaning "dry scene" in means using slow-growing, drought tolerant plants to conserve water.
• Began in response to severe water shortages. Initially it was used in dry, warm climates in our American west, it has evolved to be used all over the country, regardless of the climate.
• Water-wise landscaping saves water, money, upkeep and time and provides a beautiful landscape.
• The word "xeros" means dry, but a xeriscape is not dry. Rather it uses very little water.
• A well thought-out plan is essential for a water-wise landscape.
• The amount of rain that falls is beyond our control. However, we can create a garden that can withstand the rigors of drought without sacrificing beauty and variety. Drought-resistant plants are the natural selection.
• Xeriscape means "Dry Landscape" but a better definition is a "smart landscape".
• A method of landscaping that conserves water by incorporating good design and sound horticultural practices.
• Xeriscapes can utilize any landscaping style. The principles can be applied to any part of a yard or geographic region.
• Means low maintenance, not zero maintenance. Careful pruning weeding, and watering will increase water savings and the beauty of the garden.
• Water costs will be rising. A xeriscape will help you stay ahead of the "savings" curve!
• It will also provide wildlife habitat. Wildlife is attracted to native plant materials.

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