Monday, August 17, 2009


I have another Osier Dogwood on our property. It's FAR away from the first, but I figured I better check it out and see if it shows any infestation of Dogwood Sawflies.
The leaves do have some little eggs. There were also one or two recognizable sawflies visible as well. Out came the Sevin again yesterday. Hopefully, we've solved that problem. Of course, the eggs are not going to be eating anything until they hatch out, but it's hard to convince my husband of that. He sprayed! Depending on how quickly they move along in their metamorphisis, and if the weather cooperates and doesn't rain for a few days...maybe the Sevin will be there to greet them for breakfast. I'll keep you posted.
The first Dogwood, although devoid of many leaves, is beginning to look better. There are new, little leaves popping out with NO sign of re-infestation. You can be sure I'll keep an eye on it!
(The photo's are from the Penn State article I posted last time.)


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