Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It snowed again last night. We got about an inch more of that wonderful, fluffy, white stuff.
This is the time to go out and get the snow off the branches, while it's still soft and easily dislodged. Remember, go easy. You don't want to break branches! Take the handle of a rake or shovel, or something, and gently push the branches so the snow flips off and the branch pops up. It's really easy, and the shrub will be so happy for that help.
If you wait until this freezes, the heavy snow and ice will be stuck there for awhile, weighing down the branches and perhaps changing the shape of the shrub. If you try to push it off when it's frozen the branches WILL break, to the detriment of the shrub. So, be kind, and go out and dislodge the snow.
It's also a good excuse to get your days portion of Vitamin D!!!
Here is an article with more information than you'd ever need to know about winter care of trees and shrubs from the University of Minnesota Extension Service. They know about winter in the mid-west!


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