Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Oh, my! A whole foot of white, sticky, heavy snow on the ground this morning. It continued coming down for most of the morning, finally turning to rain.
The bottom line was that all the newly leafed out tree branches collapsed under the snow. The daffodils broke off, and haven't yet appeared from under the snow. The only daffodils that look OK are those that were under a bit of shelter from tree branches.
Tomorrow I'll get myself into boots and trudge out with my loppers, saw and pruners. There are at least three big branches that splintered off trees. They will need to be removed.
There is a Mountain Ash that bent down to the ground. I'm hoping it will rebound and spring back up. If that doesn't happen, I'll brace it in such a way that it will straighten out.
But, the gardening year seems to have begun on a "repair" mode! I hope all of you, my readers have had a better result with the recent weather!


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