Thursday, April 08, 2010


Well, I won't hold my breath... but it appears that spring has really arrived!
Yesterday, I went out and did a little mulch spreading. I really can't do too much as I get too winded, but it sure does make the garden bed look 100% better!
Remember that huge pile of mulch we got a few weeks ago? Well, it's still there. But, it is getting smaller for sure. At least I know I have enough to go around. I do wish that some people in my neighborhood would come and get some!
The other day I pulled down all the bird-feeders. I left the thistle feeder up for the Goldfinches though. It's so high there's no way the bear can reach it. Now I have to clean them. Check out the Audubon website which gives some good suggestions for carrying out this chore.
My daffodils are still not blooming. They are definitely about to "pop", so I'll be patient. My scylla are out and giving their best show. I love that!
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