Monday, September 06, 2010


Summer may just about be done. I have to admit it, even though I'd prefer not to. It is 50 degrees as I write this. The leaves are tumbling to the ground, and trees are beginning to show some color. I have written a blog on this phenomenon including an article that explains it thoroughly. If you'd like to know the reason the leaves change color in the autumn... visit this link!
I've got to get outside and turn the compost a few more times, actually quite a few more times, until it freezes. As usual, the animals have never visited it. I'm not quite sure why. Most folks have trouble up here in Northern New Hampshire with bears and raccoons, etc. visiting the compost. Maybe it's because I keep it relatively "turned" and covered with fresh soil every time I add anything to it. I also pour any water in my water catching tub over it every time it has rained. Whatever the reason, I'm happy.