Thursday, September 16, 2010


The nights are getting cooler and I'm wearing my fleece vest outside in the mornings. It appears that the seasons are moving right along. Climate waits for NO ONE!
So, what are one or two things you could be doing right now?
Lay the hose by your broad leaved evergreens (rhododendrons, azaleas, mountain laurels, etc.) and turn the water on VERY slowly. It should just seep into the ground. Put that hose by each shrub you can reach and let it gently soak into the ground for about 45 minutes per shrub. The more water those roots get in the autumn, the easier it will be for the plant to make it through the winter. You could do this every week until either a hard frost comes, or the ground begins to puddle. No need to drown the shrub either!!!
Next, turn your compost every week until again, it freezes or you just get too tired to do it any more! Be sure it's also gotten a fair share of water, as water is definitely part of the compost equation! During the winter, you can dump your fireplace ashes on the compost. It will be great for the garden in the spring. Of course there IS a limit. The compost shouldn't be ALL ashes, but working some in will be a great addition.
If you can't turn the compost during the winter (I can't... it's frozen) just be sure you put it by the side of the compost so you can add it next summer. It's really great stuff!
That's enough for a start. I'll post my October chores soon and that will include some more autumn jobs.


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