Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I was asked today, "What's the most wasteful thing you do each day?"
Right now, I must respond with much GUILT, "I'm NOT composting!"
My husband had a hip replacement a couple of weeks ago and I am the "main nurse". I have managed to strain my back! Because of that, I can't turn the compost when I add to it. That is HUGELY important where we live because we have bears and raccoons. If I turn the compost, I never have a problem. But, if I don't, I get visitors I don't want!
So, to skirt that problem, I just don't do it. I hope all of you are composting in your yards, religiously. That would make me feel SOOOO much better!
I have imbedded two composting sites in this article. Try to visit them both. They are FULL of facts about how to go about utilizing your organic waste. You will NOT regret this little exercise. It's the very best thing you can do for your garden.
Good luck and thank you for helping me step beyond my guilt for being so wasteful!


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