Monday, May 23, 2005


This week, before the rains started in earnest, I managed to finish raking out the winter debris from the garden. I have a number of gardening beds, as I'm sure you do as well. I start at the beds closest to the house and gradually go to the farthest extremities of the yard. I FINALLY finished them!
As I finish each bed, I put a good shovelful or two, of compost on and around each clump of plants pushing their way through the ground. I figure it will give them a boost, and also be there for incorporating into the next hole I dig. Remember, I dig as little as possible, BUT I do need to get those annuals in the ground.
In this climate, I wait as long as I dare before planting the annuals. I don't want them to get nipped by a late frost. The only drawback doing this is that by time I get to the garden center, a lot of what I would like to buy, has already gone elsewhere...and is probably getting frostbitten there. Oh well. That's the way it goes. I know I could have planted seed inside, but I just haven't got the energy for that.
The compost bin is now full again with all the winter accumulation of leaves, etc. This year it has the remnants of our spring flooding from our little stream, as well. That should be very good for the compost! The rain that is coming down now has already diminished the compost by a few feet. It means I don't have to water the bin. That's a good thing! I love getting help with my gardening whether it's from God, my husband or my kids! I gratefully accept it all.
My children are now all grown and have their own homes and gardens, but that doesn't say I can't beg a bit of help when they come to visit. The guys are great at turning my compost! I struggle with that and am VERY grateful for their is the compost!


At April 12, 2007, Anonymous dawn dale said...

could you please tell me if hostas will come back after being frostbitten? what can i do...cut them back? i also have a clementis that got frostbitten...any advice? i hate to loose them. thanks .please email advice to

At April 29, 2007, Blogger North Country Maturing Gardener said...

The hosta should come back. They will send up new shoots easily so don’t worry about them. I think the clematis will act in a similar manner. Be patient and see what happens. I think those leaves that were nipped will die off, but will be replaced.
Cross your fingers! :-)


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