Saturday, June 25, 2005

So Much For Xeriscaping!

Well, I won't do THAT again! I got NO responses from that page...I guess no one is interested in saving water!!!
Talk about saving water, my bearded iris' and the poppies rotted from all the rain we had over the past few weeks. Not the roots or rhizomes, but the buds. Just rotted! YUK. I hope they'll be OK next year. I would guess they will be OK. I think I'll just cut off the rotted buds down to about 6 inches from the ground. that way the rotted stuff won't travel below the soil.
Now it's SO hot that it's downright unsafe to work in the garden, so it will continue to look a bit ragged. That's the way it goes folks. My garden has to fit MY lifestyle. I'm hoping I won't be one of those folks who die while gardening. They would say afterwards, "Well, at least we know she died happy-in the garden." Sorry, I'd rather be alive and NOT die in my garden!!!! :-)
So, what can I tell you? Make a comment or ask a question below, and I'll respond.


At June 26, 2005, Anonymous Sabine said...

Where I live it's usually very dry, so your xeriscaping post was of interest to me. Of course, this spring is the wettest ever!

I have a shady area that does not get any rainfall because of the roof of my house. What a nuisance it is to keep it watered. Is there a zone 3 plant that loves dry shade? I hate it when plants are just hanging on to life and looking miserable!


At June 27, 2005, Blogger North Country Maturing Gardener said...

Here are some Zone 3 shade and drought tolerators:
Sweet Woodruff; Siberian bugloss; Plantain Lily (Hosta); Bugbane;Lily of the Valley; Joe Pye Weed; Marsh marigold and FERNS! I have grown pachysandra in full shade in zone 3 and it does quite well in dry conditions.

At June 28, 2005, Blogger OldRoses said...

I love your blog because I learn so much! I thought ferns needed water. Here I've been watering mine like mad when the gardens dry out. And thank you for clearing up what Plantain Lilies are. Hostas! It's like Michaelmas Daisies. You have no idea how many years I wondered what they were. Asters, dummy, asters.

At June 28, 2005, Blogger North Country Maturing Gardener said...

Yes, you're right. Ferns DO love water. However, they will grow ANYWHERE! I have them growing out of a stony area where they NEVER get water...and there thy are, flourishing! I guess I shouldn't really say they are always drought tolerant, but they sure are here! They've got to be taking it right out of the air.
Thanks for saying you "learn so much"! That's my whole purpose.

At June 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips! I will keep an eye out for some of those plants. I planted sweet wooodruff there already and have some of the others.

I just started my own gardening blog today.



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