Friday, September 23, 2005


They are everywhere by the sides of our roads. They are so pretty. They are the "Wild Asters!"
At this time of year, all that seem to bloom are the asters and some goldenrod.
All summer long starting in late spring and continuing until the snow flies, we in Northern New England are blessed with wild flowers. They grow by the roadsides and sometimes in the garden. I make conscious decisions every year about which ones (in my perennial bed) I'll allow to stay, and which I'll tear out. I almost ALWAYS leave the wild asters and some goldenrod. They just make the garden "fit" better into that place we know as our garden.
What are some of YOUR favorite and hardy wild flowers that you allow in your garden? Or ones that you particularly admire while walking or driving?


At September 25, 2005, Blogger OldRoses said...

I call them "welcome weeds". So far I have welcomed into my gardens: Great Mullein, Moth Mullein, Great Lobelia, some kind of aster-like flower (it's white, not purple) and this year's addition, Goldenrod.

At October 01, 2005, Blogger PatL said...

I have a wild white yarrow that blooms in late summer and lights up the garden beautifully. I just found some fuschia-colored wild yarrow, too, so I moved it into the garden. Actually, I just called it wild yarrow because it looks like a yarrow but, well, wild. But maybe it's something else. It has very soft ferny foliage, smallish yarrowish flowers, and grows to be about 30" high.

I love the wild daisies, too, even though they get so messy as they finish blooming and self-seed everywhere. I have a nice fat clump on an end of the garden that's a bit slow getting started and am so cheered by their happy faces! They've self-seeded right into our lawn, so if we ever decide to stop mowing, we'll have daisies, dandelions, ajuga, thistles, and who knows what else in our front "meadow"!


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