Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Formosan Termites

This morning I got one of those e-mails from a friend proclaiming that the world was ending and our houses would soon be destroyed by Formosan Termites that are being shipped all over the USA in wood mulch. It appears there is a major infestation in the south, particularly New Orleans. We all know they are busily chipping up all the downed (and drowned) trees and it is being purchased by companies that make mulch out of it, and sell this product all over. Now, if it's full of termites that are ready to gobble up your house, you'd better be aware of it and be VERY afraid!
Anyway, I didn't know if this was true, or just another internet panic story. So I googled it, and by goodness...there it is! A HUGE problem in New Orleans and other southern states. The Extension Services are cautioning folks about purchasing it and to avoid cheap mulch that may be coming from Lousiana.
My question about all of this is whether Formosan Termites can survive our New England winters? I will continue to research this topic. If you know anything about it, let me know!


At March 03, 2006, Anonymous Judith said...

I also received an e mail regarding Formosan Termites (from my MGA). I did some research like you and found it is a big problem in the south, however, will these same termites survive New England cold? Hopefully they cannot, but I'd like to know. I'll be asking where my mulch comes from, that's for sure!

At March 03, 2006, Blogger North Country Maturing Gardener said...

I have found some information that says they can't handle the cold. However, if they get into your huse? Guess what? They'll stay nice and cozy! Keep that mulch away from the foundation of any buildings you have. I'll write more on this.


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