Friday, March 24, 2006


My first class on "The Aging Gardener" happened this morning. It was fun!
In the course of the session, as we were discussing all our frailties, both in and out of the garden, one of the ladies said, "Who ever invented the expression, 'Aging GRACEFULLY'? There is no such possibility!" We all laughed...but it left me thinking.
On the heading of my Blog I say that I'm "...aging gracefully in New Hampshire..."
Maybe I should change that to "Aging GRATEFULLY in New Hampshire!" What do you think?
Also, I wonder if some of you might take a look at my archives. When I click on them, they say nothing is available! I've been working on this blog for a long time and it appears that all that work disappears after a week. That would be a bummer!!!!! As far as I know, I'm doing everything correctly...but they disappear! So, if you could help me by checking that, I'd be VERY grateful. Then just leave a comment, on this Post. Thank you VERY much!


At March 24, 2006, Blogger Urban Agrarian said...

Fear not!
I think that your archives still exist, but the link to them is incorrect. When you hold your mouse over the archive link look at the bottom of the screen, to see the link.

Go here

and you will see your Feb. archive

At March 24, 2006, Blogger Urban Agrarian said...

Oops I also wanted to comment on the post.
Yesterday was The first long day of the season working in the garden. I worked for hours, came in for lunch and ibuprophen and worked hours more.

This morning I did not feel very graceful and actually had a moment wondering if I could get out of bed. Oh were my muscles hurting. I walked the first few steps with great difficulty looking very un-graceful. However I vote keep the title the way it is. It's says ageing gracefully, not walking or gardening gracefully.

At March 25, 2006, Blogger Alice said...

Urban agrarian would appear to be correct in that the link is different to March 2005 which is the only archive that I can access. I don't know how you correct that apart from contacting Blogger, but I would assume that all of your postings are still there, we just can't access them - YET.

At March 25, 2006, Blogger Alice said...

Yes, I think 'Aging Gratefully' is more apt in my case. I'm sure there's nothing graceful about my gait sometimes as I roam around the garden but I dread the time coming when I may not even be able to do that.

At March 27, 2006, Blogger North Country Maturing Gardener said...

You need to be in my class at Dartmouth about "The Aging Gardener: Aches, Pains and Canes, Are they Compatible with Gardening?" :-)
We all fit into that category!

At March 27, 2006, Blogger North Country Maturing Gardener said...

Urban Agrarian...Thanks for your "blog" tips, I'll check that out! I'll be working on it over the next few days. I'd sure hate to lose all that stuff!

At March 31, 2006, Blogger North Country Maturing Gardener said...

I managed to fix the Archive problem! Fortunately I used to do some work with HTML, so was able to figure out where the problem was. I've fixed it, and I didn't even have to contact Blogger!
Anyway, the bottom line is that the archives are back! HURRAY!!!
Thank you Urban Agrarian for pointing out the HTML clue that led me to the path of healing for my Blog!

At April 07, 2006, Blogger Kerri said...

Hi! Thanks for your email and link to your blog. I've enjoyed reading some of it and found it very interesting and informative. The links to your archives that I clicked worked fine, so it appears that you have indeed fixed the problem :) I'd be happy to reciprocate on linking pages. I'll put your link on my blog soon. I'll be back to read more soon! Hope you're having some nice spring weather. Ours has been decidedly wintery this week. Not much fun!


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