Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Over the past few weeks, I've attended two ORCHID lectures. One at the Boston Flower Show and the other just the other day at the Master Gardener Conference in Concord, NH.
The one in NH was better for Northern New England Orchid growers. The gal who spoke at the Flower Show was from Virginia and had information that wasn't always ideally geared for our needs.
One of the biggest differences was that the VA gal suggested planting the orchids in spagnum moss because it was very easy to check whether it needed to be watered or not.
The NH gal said NOT to use spagnum moss up here because we heat our homes in the winter. The spagnum moss dries out MUCH too quickly and you'd be watering every day. Hence, Northern New England Orchid growers should NOT use spagnum moss.
The other thing we, who heat our homes all winter, should remember is that these gorgeous plants need ample moisture. Putting the pot on top of pebbles in a tray with some water, will help to keep them a bit better hydrated. Don't water them that way however. They don't like to have their roots wet. Remember they grow UPSIDE DOWN in nature, so their roots are NEVER wet...nor do they want to be!!!
ONLY water when the pot feels LIGHT. Until you can feel the difference, try picking up the pots every day until you know that pot is light. When it's light, pour water into the pot until it runs out of the bottom. Let it drain well, and put it back on the windowsill.
I will go into more detail over the next few Posts, so stay tuned.


At March 29, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I was at the orchid presentation in Concord. I have been lurking here for a few months and really enjoy your blog. I just finished the MG program in November and am currently manning the phone lines in Manchester. I really enjoyed the orchid lecture and thought that the keynote speaker was awesome! At the orchid lecture, didn't you just want her to tell that poor woman that there is no good time to move a lady slipper??? The president of the NHMG was sitting next to me in the back of the room and we just looked at each other with amazement when she kept trying to figure out when to dig up those poor lady slippers. :) Thanks for your blog! Lisa

At March 29, 2006, Blogger North Country Maturing Gardener said...

Thank YOU!
Yes, I agree the Orchid lecture was very good. Much better than the one at the Boston Flower Show. This gal was growing them in her home, just like we would, and was dealing with the same problems. I must say, I agreed with her poor husband. It sounded more like an obsession than a hobby! I wonder where he had room to sit?


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