Thursday, August 31, 2006


Yesterday, my husband and I went to a friends home, which happens to be on the market. We didn't go to visit, because she's no longer there. No, we went to pick blueberries.
To me, blueberries are heaven, no matter how they are served. I love them fresh off the bush; with cream; in buckles and pies. I just LOVE blueberries!!!
The reason I get to pick blueberries at this friends home is because a few years ago, I helped her by pruning her bushes. In lieu of payment, I was given free picking privileges...which is MUCH better; that is until I learned she was moving. :-(
Last year was a terrible blueberry year, for any number of reasons, but this year is wonderful.
I was delighted to see that the pruning really paid off. The bushes I pruned had a yield FAR surpassing those I hadn't gotten to. What a reward that was. It just goes to show that pruning your blueberries REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Next spring, be sure to prune yours!
Visit this link on pruning blueberries to get some good advice. I'll also revisit this topic, but you can see pictures, etc. here, and that is of enormous help.


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