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Location, Location, Location

Now that the decision has been made to do a Rain Garden, where should it be placed? You must assess the conditions in you own yard to determine the most appropriate place.

• Remember that rain gardens are meant to handle average storms, not major downpours.
• At least 10 feet from the foundation. You don't need water seeping into the foundation!
• Try locating it so it can catch the rainwater from a downspout, sump pump outlet, driveway, patio sidewalks or other impervious surfaces, then the water will go to the rain garden rather than the street and straight into the nearest lake or river!
• NOT over the septic system, wells or underground utilities
• NOT where water puddles. That would indicate poor drainage. You want this water to be able to infiltrate into the ground. Perhaps down slope from the puddle. (Water should remain in the rain garden for just a few hours. This is important for both plants and to foil mosquitoes.)
• If you do have poor infiltration, make the depression shallow to reduce the water trapped there. If your soils suck water up, make your garden deeper to increase it's storage capacity.
• This down slope should be no more than 12%.
• It's better to be in the sun rather than under a tree.
• Put it where you can enjoy the flowers, scents and birds, etc.
• Try tucking rain gardens downhill from the edges of your yard near wet areas. Try to put them in places where they don't interfere with other garden uses.
• Aim for a natural depression.
• The garden should be perpendicular to the flow of the runoff.
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