Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This morning our daughter and family are without their wonderful, German Shepard dog. Eisa was a lovely, gentle,"always ready to be your pal" kind of dog. She was well behaved and obedient. She guarded the children and everyone who loved them. She chased cats and worried squirrels.
When our daughter called to say Eisa was gone, we all cried together. We'll all miss her. She truly was a member of the family. It brings to mind that so many of us have pets. I thought perhaps I should offer something pertaining to pets here. I'm still searching for the "just right site" or store to get things for our pets.
I think it's appropriate to offer something for pets on a gardening site. Our pets love to be outside and with us as we garden. They help dig. They chase away those persnicikity animals like squirrels, wood chucks, moles and other little things that can give us grief. They share our water and snacks. They try to help us do our weeding...even if a plant or two suffer in the "helping". Some even carry our tools for us. Perhaps not to precisely the spot we wanted, but, hey, none of us are perfect!
So, I'll offer a place to get some Pet Meds here. When I find a site that offers some other goodies for our best friends, I'll add that as well. For now, this will have to do. The prices are right and maybe it'll help you keep that wonderful pet of yours jumping for joy. Maybe it'll help him, or her chase a snake or frog right out from under your feet!
Goodbye Eisa...we will ALWAYS love you!


At January 29, 2008, Blogger kate said...

I am really sorry to hear that Eisa is no longer on earth ... our pets become such good companions and part of our families that their loss cuts deeply. My son and I still very much miss our cat, Hazel, who died last year, aged 17. A day rarely goes by when we don't mention Hazel - our lab was very close to her as well. I just wrote a post about my dog - we included a picture of Hazel too.

Thank you for the website.


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