Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today I removed all the google advertising from the blog. I still have the ones that Blog Spot inserts according to words I use in my posts. I have no choice about that, to my knowledge. If anyone knows how I can get rid of those let me know. I think that's the price I have to pay for a free blog!
I did insert a "donation" button. I have done this blog now for 5 years and in all that time, those Adsense and Linkshare ads have been pretty much useless! So, I'm going to try to monetize this blog in other ways. The donate button is the first one I'll try. I'll probably just leave that one on the blog forever. But, let's see what happens.
The next thing I'll try to do is to convince garden centers, etc. that a little ad on my page might help their business as well.
I do have a few businesses that have advertised directly on my blog. They are the ones labeled "Patio Furniture" which is really "Teak, Wicker & More.com", and "Pro Flowers.com" which reads "flowers" (both in my sidebar.) I would like to get a few more of that type of advertisers.
If I did that, would you use them? Or am I whistling up an empty alley?
This blog takes a fair amount of my time and I'd love for it to contribute to my lifestyle just a little bit.
What do you, my faithful readers, think?


At January 26, 2010, Anonymous Susan Reimer said...

That, I think, is the $64,000 question: how to monetize a blog. But blogging might be like sex. Once you charge for it, it changes the nature of the experience.

At January 26, 2010, Blogger North Country Maturing Gardener said...

Well...I think it's worth a try. I'm hoping that people will see the value of what I offer, and like a hot fudge sundae, will be willing to help me cover my costs. Thanks for responding!


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