Thursday, March 11, 2010


Driving home yesterday, it was apparent that the late snowstorms of the season have done a lot of damage. There are broken branches everywhere and even broken trees. Twigs and logs litter the yards and lawns of the entire town.
That is something you can get out and work on. Clean up the debris on your property. If you don't, it will just slow you down later when it's warm and you'd like to get into something more productive in the garden.
After you've picked up all those twigs and branches, etc., stand back and look at each tree and shrub. If there are raw and jagged stumps sticking out, try to get to them and trim them neatly back to the nearest large branch. Ragged edges are an invitation for disease and insect infestation. You don't have to "paint" the open wounds with anything, just make them smooth and the plant will do the rest.
While you're there, cut out any other broken or diseased branches. I'd resist any actual pruning until the growth begins. The reason for this is that sometimes branches that LOOK dead really aren't!
Doing this now will help your garden, yard or lawn look so much better and neater. Then when that first warm day comes? You can be out there in your garden checking for the emerging bulbs, green sprouts, etc.


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