Thursday, March 04, 2010


Yesterday's job was to get a "chat" box on this web site. It was a tricky proposition! It took quite a bit of searching and experimenting, but it's DONE! If you scroll down a bit in my side bar (to the right) you'll find it.
Unfortunately, it appears to say "full" most of the time. That means that the traffic is high and there isn't room!
Also, it appears you have to sign in. At first, I figured I should remove that requirement since this is supposed to make the process easier. When I went to do that, however, it appears they have you register because using the chat is a fool proof way for spammers to get into your site! I sure didn't want that, so I'm sorry. You'll have to register. It doesn't cost anything, it's just a bit of a pain!
If either of these become a bigger issue that I'm willing to deal with, I'll remove it. But, for now, let's give it a try!


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