Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's been up in the high 50's and even approaching 65 degrees on a day or two. I'm loving that, as I know you are as well.
The daffodils are making an appearance, if only green yet. However, there are still large banks of snow where the snowplow has pushed it. That's OK. When they are gone, I think I'll be ready to accept that spring really IS coming!
I'm afraid to get too excited about that happenstance because we have often been surprised by a late March or early April snow storm. I hope it doesn't happen, but...
I am into the final preparations for my first "A Bridge to the Garden" series. I will be doing Seminars for B&B's, Inns (and businesses) on gardening. It will be a way to help these Inns invite people into their facilities. Most Inns do a LOT of business through local people who have guests coming that they cannot accommodate for one reason or another, in their homes. But, how often do local folks actually stop into an Inn to really see what it is like?
This is one way to help the local economy by having local people actually go into the Inns and then be able to genuinely recommend them, because they now know the proprietors, and can speak for the interiors and accommodations found within. At the same time, they will go home with wonderful gardening information that they can use right away in their own gardens.
I have looked for Gardening Seminars throughout Northern New England (on the web), and have found nothing except Flower Shows. So, maybe this is a little different, and welcoming for gardeners.
At any rate, I'm looking forward to a successful venture. It hasn't been advertised yet, and it's already half full! That's a GREAT sign, isn't it?
If there are any of you who might be interested in having this kind of an event at your place of business, drop me an e-mail !


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