Sunday, March 14, 2010


During these days of anxious waiting to get out into the garden, you could be thinking about and educating yourself, about SOIL!
In the garden, if your soil is good, your garden will be wonderful as well. This applies to flowering plants as well as vegetables. The plants take their nutrients from the soil. It's just like humans. We are what we eat. Plants work the same way.
It's so easy to get that soil where it should be. There are organisms that help the soil thrive, thereby helping every plant that grows there.
The first place to start is with a compost heap or bin. Do all the research you can on compost. You will soon be convinced, as are all serious gardeners, that compost can change your gardening world.
You can start with the simplest of techniques (digging trenches and inserting kitchen scraps-NO fat or cooked items please). You just cover it well with soil and voila, next year you have a row that's soft and nutrient rich! OR, you can make a compost heap where you just pile garden (and kitchen) debris, covering each addition with soil or leaves or something; leave it for a season; and next year... another voila! A bigger pile of black gold. This is usually sited in an out of the way spot in the garden.
Then of course, there's the little more complicated, but neater looking, compost bin. These are easy to make; look a whole lot better than a pile; and work wonders in the garden!
I promise, when you use compost you will become addicted to the process. Your garden will benefit because the soil where you apply it will be so much healthier and will be able to support wonderful plant materials. There is a reason why they call compost "Black Gold"!
If you read all of these articles, you'll be a better informed gardener, and by being better informed, your garden will benefit more than you'll EVER know! Good luck out there. Now, start learning and click all those links!


At March 18, 2010, Blogger Dirty Girl Gardening said...

Gotta love a post about soil... my favorite subject! Well done...


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