Friday, April 30, 2010


I told everyone at the seminar to wait until May first here in New Hampshire to plant their new growing materials. This morning I'm wishing I had told them JUNE FIRST! First we got nearly a foot of snow, and now it's back below freezing.
Yesterday I wasn't feeling great so my husband went out with the pruning saw and cut off those broken branches. He also propped up one of the trees that was pretty much at a 45 degree angle. What would I do without him? At any rate, I'm not planting ANYTHING for a week or so, that's for sure!
While I wait, I'm working a bit on the seminar. I think I'll approach a few businesses about a gardening seminar. People seem very eager to learn about gardening. So many younger people (I know-that's a relative term) have gone directly into careers from school that they are now feeling a bit lost when faced with a garden to tend in their spare time. They seem quite eager to learn anything that can help them.
I'm also working on a new book to assist in just that! It'll probably take awhile to get it done, but I hope to launch it as an electronic book. If that is successful, I'll think about publishing it in the usual manner. I've had such bad luck with my other book which has been at the publishers awaiting publication for the last 2 years. I don't think it's ever going to happen! So, with this one, I'll do it myself. Now if I can just figure out how that whole process works! Wish me luck?


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