Saturday, October 01, 2005


Here they are! Check them over and see if you've forgotten anything. Pick a nice day, and get out into that garden for some of the final chores before the snow flies.
By the way, that frost still hasn't arrived in my neck of the woods. Wonder what's up? In fact, we've hardly got any autumn foliage color. How is YOUR foliage???


You can still plant spring bulbs

If you have gladiolus, this is the time to dig the corms up.

This is a wonderful time to fertilize both lawn and garden

Plant cool and warm-season lawns

Move worm bins to basement or garage to maintain at least 40* through the winter months

Divide a clump of chives and bring indoors

If you haven't lifted your dahlias yet, this would be the time!

Bring any plants that are growing in containers inside for the

Reduce feeding houseplants(do not feed dormant houseplants)

Give your compost pile a final turning.

Try to keep the fallen leaves raked off the lawn. Put them in
the compost, shredding them first if possible, or mix them really well as they tend to compact.

You can plant garlic now for next years harvest.

Mark any perennials you want to separate so you can find them
next spring.

Clean and oil your tools so they won't rust over the winter.

Plant container and balled-and-burlapped trees, fruit trees, shrubs and vines

Keep watering the shrubs and evergreens.

Plant container roses

Cut back your perennials

Sow seeds for frost-tolerant perennials

Try using evergreen boughs over your shrubs to provide winter
protection. They can be forced into the ground before the ground freezes, draping their branches over the shrubs.

Pull out your annuals and put them in the compost

It's time to store your hoses inside. Remember to drain them first
so they don't freeze and split!

Get those bird feeders up!

Any questions about October?


At October 04, 2005, Anonymous Garden Blog said...

Looks like the cool weather is finaly going to arrive this weekend. I can't wait to step out on that first crisp morning.


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