Monday, September 04, 2006


I'm exhausted!
My brother in-law made a beautiful rock wall for me a few weeks ago. The only problem was that now I needed to plant something behind and above it! I had already made plans for what would go there, and it was HOSTA.
This wall is below a canopy of trees and will not have a ton of light, so the hosta should be perfect. I put a few varieties there to add some interest. At the end I planted a small Mountain Laurel I had gotten as a gift from a Master Gardener's Conference in Connecticut a few years back. It's been slowly growing from just a little whippersnapper to what actually looks like a small Mountain Laurel. I had planted it in a sheltered spot, but this new area should offer it room to grow and bloom. I will anxiously watch it's progress.
As soon as I get back to normal, I'll add some pachysandra and creeping phlox. The pachysandra will handle the shade, I'm not so sure about the phlox. However, if it doesn't do well, I'll figure out something colorful that will.
Let me know if you've had any luck growing creeping phlox in the shade. My world will definitely not come to an end if it doesn't work, but it would be VERY pretty when (and IF) if it blooms.


At September 10, 2006, Anonymous smittigirl said...

Hi there - I stumbled upon your website - super! I have creeping phox in a "dry shade" bed below tall whitw oaks at the edge of the backyard lawn. They get afternoon sun only. They're pretty for about ten days in early spring - then - nada. I'm located in zone 5 1/2 in some books - 5 in others.

At September 28, 2006, Blogger North Country Maturing Gardener said...

Sorry, but that's about what you get! Actually, they tend to continue blooming according to where they are in the garden. Some will bloom earlier because they're in sun, others in the shade might be later.


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